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IV Drips


Men's Health

IV Drips

All of our Drips can be customized to your needs. Drips can be combined or our certified nurses and medical professionals can help you create a personalized formula so you can look, feel, and perform better! Whether you are worried about your immunity and looking for a Vitamin C immunity drip, need a party drip to cure your hangover, or want to get relief from a migraine through an IV drip, at ThrIVe Drip Spa, we have medically certified drips for all your needs.


Our medically supervised weight loss programs aim to help patients address the underlying cause of weight gain and overcome the challenges of weight loss by providing personalized solutions. 

Through advanced individualized testing, nutrition counseling, and natural weight loss therapies, we can assist you in shedding stubborn stored body fat, adopting healthy eating habits, reducing the risk of diseases, boosting energy levels, supporting your workout routine, complementing your supplement regimen, and ultimately, achieving your weight loss and health objectives.

Men's Health

We are a men’s health and testosterone therapy clinic dedicated to helping men feel better: more alive, stronger, and happier.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you. If you want to come into the office and be seen in person, great! Come on in. If you’d rather do it from your couch, great! We’ll set up a video call for your first visit. After that, we can follow up by phone, text, or email as needed. 

Vitamin Boosters

Because everyone’s IV needs are different, our customized IV vitamins and add-ins will allow you to tailor your IV treatment to your condition and needs.  Here at Royal IV Drip and Wellness we provide various vitamin & nutrient boosters such as Vitamin C, B12, Biotin, NAD+ boosters and more to rejuvenate your body and help restore depleted fluids, electrolytes and nutrients. Every vitamin and mineral has its properties, with each offering essential dose of vitamins and nutrients to look, feel, and perform at your optimal level.

Medication Injections

Vitamin injections are the best way to give your body the boost it needs. At Royal IV Drip and Wellness, we provide a variety of shots and injections to meet your specific needs, including Toradol, B12, Biotin, Lipo B shots, and more.

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